Personal training is for anyone who wants to improve their current level of fitness.  Whether you’re new to the gym and don’t know where to start, or just looking for some new workout  ideas or motivation.  Personal training can be a single session, custom programming, or an ongoing lifestyle decision.  We are experts in helping individuals reach their health and fitness goals, and personal training is a great way to get started. 


Personal Training Rates 

30 Minutes – $50

45 Minutes – $60

60 Minutes – $70


Package Discounts of $10/session available on packages of 20 sessions or more.


Partner training is a great way to get the benefits of personal training while having another accountability partner.  Statistics show if you work out with a partner you are more likely to stick with it.


Partner Training Rates

45 Minutes – $35/person

60 Minutes – $40/person


Hybrid Boxing is an hour long group fitness class that combines heavy bag boxing with strength training.  A high intensity cardiovascular workout that is appropriate for almost anyone at any skill level.  No boxing experience needed, this is a fun, high-energy class that changes every week.  To learn more about our currently class schedule, click here.


Hybrid Boxing Rates 

Members – $10

Non Members – $15


Custom Programs- Not having a plan is the number one reason why people fail when starting a new fitness routine.  Our Custom Programs start with three personal training sessions.  During these sessions we figure out what works best for you and tailor the workouts to fit your goals and skill level.  After the sessions are complete all details, instructions, sets, reps, and weights will be emailed to you in easy to follow spreadsheets.

Custom Programs – Starting at $200



Nutrition Plans

Nutrition is the most overlooked aspect of many fitness plans. A common problem with following a “diet” is that everyone eats differently and no two bodies are the same. With our Nutrition plans at Exact Fitness, we sit down with you and figure out your goals, eating habits, and food preferences before we tailor a nutrition plan specifically for you. Whether it’s calculating macros, incorporating intermittent fasting, or just trying to get more knowledge on making healthier food choices, we can develop a custom nutrition plan specifically for you.

Nutrition Plans – $99



10 Week Fitness and Nutrition Program

At Exact Fitness, we want our members to be successful. Being successful in fitness is all about having long-term success. Success that lasts much beyond 10 weeks. The most valuable trait in being effective in fitness is being consistent. Habits aren’t formed in 21 days. That’s not long enough, it takes longer. That’s why we chose 10 weeks for the Exact Fitness Program. It takes 10 weeks of consistently working out, food prepping, and eating healthy to develop those skills life skills to last.

The Exact Fitness 10 Week Fitness and Nutrition Program includes everything you need to reach your goals. We remove all the guesswork with daily checklists step-by-step fitness instructions. Daily workouts are provided with videos and descriptions through an easy to follow personalized fitness app. The 10 Week Fitness and Nutrition Program is available both in-person and online. If interested in learning more about the programs offered at Exact Fitness, please click here.